New Incentives Support Electric Vehicle Growth

The Harvester Restaurant in Spangle, WA, is a beacon of small-town warmth for locals and travelers, alike. When one of her customers suggested that co-owner Melissa Bozarth install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station, she called Avista. Four years later, Bozarth believes the EV charging station is a competitive advantage – and the right thing to do for the environment.

“I have customers come in and say, ‘that’s really cool that you have an EV charger’,” Bozarth smiled. “There has not been a noticeable change in our Avista bill from customers charging their cars. And I think, if it gives customers a reason to choose you over someone else, why not install a charger?”

Avista is again seeking to partner with businesses and communities to build out the electric vehicle charging network across eastern Washington as we implement our new Transportation Electrification Plan. The plan also includes a variety of incentives for business and residential customers, as well as tax credits and sales tax exemptions.

Nowadays, more and more people and businesses are buying electric vehicles. It’s a proven technology that not only saves on fuel costs, but also makes a big difference in protecting the environment.

Additional incentive programs for public airports and school districts, as well as non-profits and other community support organizations are available, as well as a variety of state and federal tax credits and sales tax exemptions.

Electric transportation can provide impactful, low-cost, and sustainable ways to serve those in need with services, such as non-emergency medical services, food deliveries and ridesharing. Avista is actively seeking partnerships with community service agencies and non-profits, to bring the benefits of electric vehicles to disadvantaged groups across eastern Washington. These partnerships may include installing charging infrastructure, implementing pilot programs, or piloting innovative ridesharing and car-sharing services for low-income communities and individuals.

Customer education is a key component of Avista’s Transportation Electrification Plan. In addition to a wealth of information available online, Avista has partnered with Spokane Public Libraries to create “EV Experience Centers”. The first center will open in the Shadle Park Library (2111 W. Wellesley Ave, Spokane) later this month.

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