A steel transmission pole next to a wood transmission pole with workers replacing a pole in the background

Strengthening our system

Replacing wood with steel in high-risk areas

A zombie Halloween decoration hanging outside in a tree

Local Treasures with Pia: Halloween decorations

Whether you go all pumpkins and no lights, or you go for the full inflatable Halloween display, here are some places to inspire you.

Closeup of a person replacing a furnace filter

At Home with Lisa: Fall back chores

Fall back on the chores you should do when it’s time to turn back the clock.

Many boxes of apples and cider barrels

Local Treasures with Pia: Apple cider history and Trailbreaker in Liberty Lake

Cideries are popping up in urban and rural areas; here’s the story behind the sweet golden apple juice and its many uses

Purple battery electric STA bus in the station

Local Treasures with Pia: STA introduces battery electric buses

Learn more about the purple and blue STA buses you will begin to see all over Spokane

Closeup of a woman holding her smartphone

At Home with Lisa: Compare your bills

Lisa wonders if her energy efficiency efforts are starting to pay off.

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