Closeup of an electric meter

At Home with Lisa: How to read an electric meter

Lisa learns how to read her electric meter

Photo collage composed of three photos - the left photo is closeup of someone's hand with a spray bottle, cleaning a window. The middle photo is a closeup of a hand putting up tin foil on the window. The third photo on the right is the finished window, covered in tin foil

At Home with Lisa: Ease the heat

Lisa tries an internet tip to ease the heat in her house during a heatwave.

Two men posing and smiling with Ironman medals on

Ironman Strong

Zach Wimberly found the determination and sheer grit to finish the Ironman race with minutes to spare through his passion for mental health awareness and fellow Ironman athlete and friend, Devon Lind.

Cars lined up at an outdoor car show

Local Treasures with Pia: Hillyard Festival

The Hillyard Festival and Hi-Jinx Parade is back on track

Five actors on stage at a community theater

On the Oregon Trail: Community Theaters

Oregon is home to some incredible local theaters

Collage of three images showing a window. The first and second image are showing a tool, working to unstick a stuck window. The third image is showing the window unstuck and open.

At Home with Lisa: Stuck Window

Lisa unsticks a window that hasn’t opened since she moved into her house.

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