At Home with Lisa: Plant safely this spring

Lisa plans her spring planting, but calls 811 first

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Linemen working on a power pole in front of an old barn

Idaho Service Quality Program Results

Each year, Avista measures how well we perform in meeting our goal to provide the best customer service possible.

Grande Ronde Hospital in Oregon

A modern hospital keeps the community healthy

The Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation has been around for 55 years and it’s almost reached its $7.5 million fundraising goal for a hospital expansion.

Clocktower at Riverfront Park, Spokane with a blue sky, greenery, and the river

Climate Commitment Act rate adjustments for Washington Avista natural gas customers

The Climate Commitment Act (CCA), passed by the Washington state legislature in 2021 and implemented by the Washington Department of Ecology, aims to reduce carbon emissions and achieve greenhouse gas limits set in the state law.

Man planting trees outdoors in springtime

Lisa Explains: Planting the right tree in the right place

If planted in the right place, a tree can help you save energy in the summer by providing shade.

Four workers stand outside by a truck, which is under contract to Avista

Say goodbye to leaky ductwork

Eligible customers can get FREE duct-sealing from Avista and KW Energy

Group of performers take a bow on stage

The old Ross Ragland Theater is still going strong

The Ross Ragland Theater and Cultural Center in Klamath Falls is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a jampacked season.

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Celebrating 135 years: A tribute to our customers and journey

Discover our legacy of community service, sustainability efforts, and the people who make it all possible.

Safely storing flammable liquids

Did you know that liquids such as paint thinner, gasoline, cleaning solvents and contact cement can produce invisible, explosive vapors?