Manage Your Energy

Showing process of adding insulation to a small door in a home

At Home with Lisa: Insulation

Adding insulation to a knee wall in Lisa's 1910 house

Before and after of a mail slot - left side is a drafty mail slot, right side is the same mail slot with a mail bag installed

At Home With Lisa: Solve Drafty Mail Slot

Lisa improves her mail slot to prevent a draft

Two images of smart power strips

At Home with Lisa: Smart Power Strip

Lisa learns about the benefits of smart power strips

Three photos in a row - far left photo showing cardboard covering the top of a window, middle photo showing a new sun shade, far right photo showing a new sun shade from the outside

At Home with Lisa: Sunshade

The last couple of weeks have been very hot in the Inland Northwest, so Lisa installed a sunshade

Tools sitting on the floor in front of an outlet, foam insulator on an outlet, and foam insulator next to a light switch

At Home with Lisa: Foam Insulators

Installing foam insulators on outlets and switches

Left side photo shows the bottom of a door with tools in front of it - The right side of the photo shows the same door with a door sweep installed

At Home with Lisa: Door Sweep

Installing a door sweep