Manage Your Energy

Two photos side by side - Left photo is a water heater, the right photo is the same water heater with a blanket wrapped around it

At Home with Lisa: Help your water heater use less energy

Lisa learns the benefits of a water heater blanket.

Closeup of the crevice tool on a vacuum cleaning the dust and cat hair underneath a fridge

At Home with Lisa: Keep your refrigerator running efficiently

Lisa rethinks storing items on top of her refrigerator.

Baseboard heater

At Home with Lisa: Always keep your heaters clear

A cold snap reminds Lisa to keep her baseboards clear of furniture that may block the heat.

Ceiling fan with four light bulbs with a small shade on each

At Home with Lisa: Save time, energy, and money with LEDs

Lisa checks her light fixtures and makes sure the bulbs are LEDs

Electrical power strip on a blue background

At Home with Lisa: Phantom loads and how to manage them

Lisa looks over her house to find any phantom loads.

Clothes washer and laundry dryer in a room with plants

At Home with Lisa: Saving energy while doing laundry

There are lots of ways to save energy when you are doing the laundry.