Manage Your Energy

Closeup of window plastic on a window

At Home with Lisa: Prepping for winter with window plastic and a vacuum

Lisa gets ready for winter by looking around the house.

Closeup of hands applying rope caulk to window

At Home with Lisa: Rope caulk makes sealing air leaks easy

Lisa starts preparing for winter by sealing up windows with rope caulk.

Mail being delivered through the mail slot on the front door

At Home with Lisa: Mail slots let mail in and air out

Mail slots can let the heat escape in the winter and the cool escape in the summer.

Smart power strip with devices plugged in

At Home with Lisa: Manage always on devices to start saving energy now

Use a smart strip to manage devices that are always on

Installing foam insulator behind a power outlet

At Home with Lisa: Drafty air leaks impact home comfort year-round

Adding a gasket to your outlets and light switches can help seal leaks.

Blinds covering a window in the kitchen

At Home with Lisa: Close curtains to stay cool this summer

Lisa stays cool during the hot weeks by closing the curtains and finding new ways to shade the inside of her home.