Manage Your Energy

Closeup of a window with window plastic to help with drafts

At Home with Lisa: Window plastic

Lisa covers her windows in plastic sheeting

Door snake at the bottom of a door

At Home with Lisa: Door Snake

Lisa uses a door snake to fix the drafts coming under her door.

Closeup of a person replacing a furnace filter

At Home with Lisa: Fall back chores

Fall back on the chores you should do when it’s time to turn back the clock.

Closeup of a woman holding her smartphone

At Home with Lisa: Compare your bills

Lisa wonders if her energy efficiency efforts are starting to pay off.

Closeup of a window with open curtains

At Home with Lisa: Quick ideas for fall heating

Lisa keeps her old house warm before the deep chill sets in.

Closeup of hands applying rope caulk to window

At Home with Lisa: Ready for winter?

Lisa prepares for winter by revisiting old projects