Manage Your Energy

Before and after photo of showerhead replacement - left side is closeup of old showerhead, right side is closeup of low-flow showerhead

At Home with Lisa: Replacing a Showerhead

Installing a new low-flow showerhead

Brown house being shaded by trees

At Home with Lisa: Introduction to Weekly DIYs

I’m Lisa and I have some projects to do.

Man with kid on shoulders. Kid is holding a kite and they are running through a field

Support clean, renewable energy

Join Avista's My Clean Energy program

Woman using hairdryer to apply plastic to windows for energy efficiency

I love my house

Learning tips and tricks to warm up in an old house

Child looking outside on a snowy day with older sibling playing outside

Hey, it's cold outside

How cold weather impacts your energy bill

Woman sitting on couch holding coffee mug

Cold weather and coffee

What happens when your home gets the chills