Stay Safe

Person carries saplings in a wheelbarrow in their garden

Plant the right tree in the right place

Where you plant that special tree can make all the difference

Group of women posing at a bowling alley and smiling

Local Treasures with Pia: Take a stand against dating abuse

When Jenny Moeller started Create Your Own Statement, Combat Dating Abuse, 10 years ago, she set out on a journey to empower young people to date in a healthy and respectful manner.

Illustration of a man looking confused on the phone at home in front of a laptop

Follow our advice to avoid falling victim to a scam

Help protect yourself and your family by staying informed, so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

Closeup of an emergency prepardness kit

At Home with Lisa: September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Lisa checks her emergency kit to make sure nothing should be replaced.

Woman in front of her laptop, looking stressed while on the phone

Scammers are relentless

Be ready and know what to look for

Two Avista workers in hard hats and yellow vests digging with shovels

New law in Washington and Idaho aims to protect utility workers

There will be tougher penalties on people who assault utility workers