Your Utility at Work

Lisa, an Avista customer, standing outside and smiling

Lisa Explains

Lisa tackles helpful information on Avista’s website

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Energy for when you need it

Natural Gas and our Clean Energy Future

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Western Energy Imbalance Market Drives Value for Avista's Customers

Avista officially entered the Western Energy Imbalance Market on March 2, joining 16 other western utilities in the real-time wholesale energy trading market.

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Avista's Energy is Clean and Getting Cleaner

Avista’s Director of Clean Energy Strategy offers his thoughts about Avista’s longstanding commitment to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy

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Prices at the pump

An unwelcome (but helpful) reminder on how natural gas rates work

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New clean energy option for natural gas

As an Avista natural gas customer in Washington, you now have a new option to add renewable natural gas and lower your carbon footprint.