Avista's outage app leaves customers smiling

The lights don’t go out often but when they do, there are tools available that make it a lot easier to contact us and stay informed during an outage. Many of our customers are taking advantage of our new Outage App and online Outage Center, which allow you to view our outage map, report outages, get updates, and much more.

This is Zach Strandy. He is one of the owners of Summit Rehabilitation Associates in Spokane and Spokane Valley. With three locations, two in Spokane, one in Spokane Valley, and many employees, keeping the lights on is essential to business. When experiencing a power outage Zach and his team rely heavily on Avista’s outage app to determine when their power will be restored so they can get back to work. During a prolonged outage Zach recalls relying heavily on the outage map as well as waiting for a message from Avista stating when their power would be restored. Many of their employees also commented on how the outage app helped them during an outage. Summit’s lights did eventually turn back on and they were grateful to have Avista’s outage app as a resource during that stressful time. Zach understands the importance of technology and the role it can play in our daily lives. He along with a multitude of other customers realize the significance of receiving fast and accurate communication from their utility and how Avistas Outage Center and App help in accomplishing that.

To learn more about the Avista Outage Center visit us online or download our app on the Apple store or Google Play.

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