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Most of us don’t think about where our electricity comes from as long as it’s there when we need it. As long as our furnace pumps out warm air in the winter and our air conditioner runs smoothly in the summer, we’re fine. However, if you did want to know more about your local utility company and the details surrounding where your energy comes from would you know where to look?

Avista’s YouTube channel is here to help. With our 101 series we’ve created a diverse mix of videos ranging from environmental stewardship to grid modernization. It’s no secret that energy touches many parts of our lives and we think you’ll find these videos helpful and informative. For instance, did you know that Avista built its first biomass power generating plant in 1983 or do you know how Avista responds during an outage? Those answers as well as DIY tips, community outreach, and how we care for our natural resources can be found on our YouTube channel.

To learn more about our 101 series, visit our YouTube channel.

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