Spokane's Urbanova driving city of the future

There is something smart happening in Spokane’s University District. Through a collaboration of partners, the University District has become home to a living laboratory called Urbanova to design cities for the future and solve urban challenges in new ways. This makes Spokane a leader in Smart City innovation.

Urbanova's goals are healthier citizens, safer neighborhoods, smarter infrastructures, a more sustainable environment, and a stronger economy. Avista is one of the six founding partners working to develop and test Smart City applications that will help build a smarter city and our energy future.

Avista’s first step in this effort is the installation of smart and connected streetlights in the University District. Some streetlights in the District will have sensors, developed by Itron and Washington State University (WSU), that measure air quality and other environmental factors and assess its role in a healthy city. LED streetlights with dimming capabilities will be installed in other areas of the District to increase energy efficiency and other goals.

You can learn more about Urbanova and its other pilots on the Urbanova site.

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