Digging in to support our community

When working in a garden you need a shovel, the willingness to get your hands dirty, a can do attitude and it never hurts to have a few friends who are willing to pitch in. Luckily Avista employees had all those things, including the satisfaction that's gained from helping a neighbor in our community. When a local church requested assistance revitalizing their community garden Avista employees answered the call.

On June 23, Avista employees volunteered to install a much needed drip system for the Chief Garry Community Garden located next to Christ the King Lutheran Church on Mission Avenue. Upon further inspection, Avista decided that the garden could use a little more TLC than what was humbly requested. What better way to serve our community than to assist others who also serve our community.

By the end of the day on June 23, the garden had been transformed. Six new raised beds were installed; specifically intended for veterans who require wheelchair access. All 30 beds are now equipped with a new drip system that can be adjusted for each bed, individually. A new security camera was also installed that offers some extra piece of mind and protection.

With 30 volunteers ready to pitch in and some daylight left Avista didn't stop there. Two grass curbsides were tilled up and reseeded with a newly installed sprinkler system. Avista made repairs to the greenhouse and concrete curbing while also spreading 15 yards of compost and 10 yards of gravel. A new streetlight was also installed to increase visibility and safety. To top it off, timers for the sprinkler systems were connected and programmed.

After a hard day's work and with a job well done all that was left was to see the surprised look on the owners face. She was struck speechless and began to cry as she absorbed the astonishing transformation of her beloved garden.

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