Even out those seasonal highs and lows

There’s a lot to be said about knowing the exact amount you will be charged each month. Those of our customers who have chosen to be on comfort level billing know exactly how that feels. Comfort level billing is not only free but sign up is quick and easy. Avista customers can sign up on myavista.com or they can call to speak with a customer service representative who would be happy to sign them up over the phone.

This is Joe and Connie Lynd of Palouse Washington. Married on New Year’s Eve, they’re looking forward to spending their remaining years enjoying each other’s company and not worrying about what their monthly bill will be. Joe signed up for comfort level billing many years ago and loves how easy it is to create a budget when you know exactly what you’ll be paying each month. He especially enjoys those years when he has a credit and receives a comfort level billing refund check in the mail. With one less thing on their plate to worry about, this newly married couple can enjoy sipping wine and watching beautiful Palouse sunsets from their back porch instead of concerning themselves with the seasonal highs and lows of their utility bill.

Interested in Comfort Level Billing? Give us a call at (800) 227-9187 or visit us online.

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