What do you get for the price of your energy?

When you pay your utility bill, you can be assured that your energy dollars, or rates, are put to good use. We want you to receive value for the price you pay for your energy service from Avista. Your rate dollars are in action in many ways. For example:

For the last several years, we’ve spent significant money on projects across our system to maintain reliability of energy and upgrade equipment that helps us serve you. This work is taking place every day, to benefit our customers. It’s projects like the new generating units at our Nine Mile Dam that replaced the original, hundred year old generators, and the refresh of our website that thousands of customers rely on to pay their bills and get important information about Avista. This kind of work is important and necessary. It is also a part of our requests to change the price customers pay for energy. We make these requests to make sure your rates match our costs to provide service. We keep your prices in mind as we make decisions on how to continually invest in our system, because we know you want fair prices. So do we.

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