They set, they shoot, they score

Spokane's home town hockey team is a staple in the community, drawing hundreds of thousands of fans every season into the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena. But our favorite time of each season is what happens off the ice—connecting with local elementary schools as part of the Heroes at School Program.  

As part of our long-time partnership with the Chiefs, each year we head out on visits with the Chiefs players. On November 28, Avista and the Spokane Chiefs went to Lincoln Heights Elementary School to connect with the kids and rally some spirit. The Heroes Program lasts approximately 30 minutes and Chiefs players discuss setting goals, while the Chiefs mascot, Boomer the Bear, comes out dancing to the students' chanting "Go Chiefs, Go!". If you’ve never seen a bear do the ‘whip’ and ‘nay-nay’ it’s truly an enjoyable sight, keeping the students engaged and delighted. The players share their short and long -term goals with their audience, and encourage the students to do the same.

This is the 12th consecutive season of the Avista Heroes at School program with the Spokane Chiefs. In that time, we have visited more than 25 schools. At the end of the assembly Avista donates 200 game tickets for the Principal and teachers to use as rewards for students who achieve a goal they have set for themselves. And that is really something to "whip" and "nay nay" about.

We are involved in many local charities and civic organizations.

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