Go Chiefs go

We can all think of something that inspired us growing up. Maybe it was a person who we admired that kept us motivated to achieve our dreams. The older we get the more those childhood ambitions can fade, but seeing that spark in a child's eyes kindles the feeling for us again.

We saw many eyes light up when the Spokane Chiefs and Avista visited students at Freeman Elementary on February 27, 2018. As part of our long-time partnership with the Chiefs, each year we head out on school visits with the Chiefs players. With Boomer the Bear and Spokane Chiefs players, students were able to connect with their hero in person. The players shared their short-term and long-term goals and discussed how the kids can set and achieve goals of their own. At the end of the assembly, Avista donated 200 game tickets for the principal and teachers to use to reward students who achieve a goal they have set for themselves.

This season marks the 12th consecutive year of the Avista Heroes at School program with the Spokane Chiefs. In that time, we have visited more than 26 elementary schools.

Connecting to the community has always been important to Avista and its employees.

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