YWCA is on a mission and we're on a mission to support them

Women and children in our community can rely on YWCA Spokane to be there for them. That statement is true in 2018, just as it was in 1903, when our chapter of the YWCA was founded.

Consider that an average of 16,000 local women and children come to YWCA Spokane for help each year, and you’ll begin to understand the significance of their mission. They help women escape domestic violence, gain access to legal support, provide a safe place for healing and growing, increase employment possibilities, and so much more. It’s an organization on the front lines, changing lives by doing the crucial work of helping local folks when they need it most. It’s for these reasons and so many others that Avista has supported YWCA Spokane for nearly 20 years. Their mission is too critical, the support they lend too fundamental.

Recently, at the YWCA’s Partners in Progress annual meeting, Avista was honored to receive their annual Community Partner of the Year Award. We’re proud of the recognition because of what it says about our employees, who have done everything from sit on the YWCA Board of Directors, to volunteering at events, to supporting key programs.

Last year, Avista was proud to become a Mission Partner. Among other things, it means we are directly supporting the Women’s Opportunity Center, which helps women build job skills, obtain the professional clothing to match their career goals, create a resume, and more. All of it provided in an environment of compassion, care and support.

Avista’s IT employees also pitched in big time, helping to upgrade the YWCA information technology and infrastructure.

Organizations like YWCA—and the people who lead and work there—are at the core of any healthy community. We are beyond proud to partner with you, YWCA Spokane, and we’re thankful for the services you provide our area.

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