Meals on Wheels is delivering more than just food

You’ll never find Lu Lu very far from 83-year-old Leonard Lewis’ side. The sweet, faithful, and affectionate yellow lab likes to stay close and keep Leonard company during his days in a new apartment and a new city. Leonard recently moved from Idaho to Spokane to be closer to his granddaughter. Lu Lu was also there to help Leonard grieve when cancer took the life of another beloved dog, Whisper.

“When I was down in the dumps, she knew it and she would nuzzle me,” said Leonard.

Leonard and Lu Lu’s special bond dates back several years when Leonard first spotted her big puppy dog eyes at the humane society. Lu Lu had more yellow fur than white, back then.

“She’s an old dog, but she’s good company. She’s my best friend,” he added.

Every day at 10:55 a.m., Lu Lu wags her tail and greets a Meals on Wheels volunteer at their front door.

“She gets tickled, there isn’t a stranger in her life. She’s always looking for the volunteer,” said Leonard.

Leonard is on a fixed income and has diabetes so buying dog food and preparing meals for himself isn’t as easy as it used to be. Just last week, Leonard cut his left hand while trying to peel spuds. After a trip to the urgent care and two stitches later, he’s on the mend.

Meals on Wheels delivers a hot meal to Leonard’s home 5 days a week. The non-profit also makes sure Lu Lu is well fed, too. The food is so good, Leonard often skips breakfast so he can savor every single bite when the meal arrives.

“Their Salisbury steak is my favorite. It’s tender, seasoned just right, and I can eat it,” added Leonard.

Diabetes requires Leonard to keep a close eye on everything he eats. Scheduled meals are a saving grace to keep his body healthy.

Meals on Wheels is delivering more than just food. The non-profit is also nourishing hearts, with a gift of friendship, conversation, and keeping Lu Lu’s tail wagging. Leonard’s granddaughter stops by often, but he says it’s nice to have another friendly face at the front door every day.

“They are a blessing to me. They are dependable. They are very, very, very good people. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be in a tight situation,” added Leonard.

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