Pacific Northwest lake and trees at Antelope Lake. Looking out over the water with a blue sky and trees in the background

Local Treasures with Pia

My name is Pia and I will take you along on road trips and hikes that showcase some of the beauty and fun we have here in the Inland Northwest. 

Light brown colored home being shaded by trees

At Home with Lisa: Introduction to Weekly DIYs

I’m Lisa and I have some projects to do.

Five person family standing in front of their home - father, mother, little boy, and two little girls

Happy Father's Day

A special celebration for Mike Borden- a husband and father who works 12-hour days.

Little boy leaning forward on yellow table, smiling

Introducing Happy Horizons Childcare

When COVID created uncertainty for families, non-profit daycare provided consistent child care

Josh Stringfellow and his daughters, Ellie (left) and Kinsley (holding) enjoy the Pacific Northwest’s recreational opportunities.

Providing essential services along the Spokane River

Journeyman operator, Josh Stringfellow’s take on a 24/7/365 operation