Groceries and Good Deeds

Even though Shawn McAdams is the manager of Rosauers in Colfax, you’ll most likely find him pushing a shopping cart down the produce aisle with a handwritten list, picking out the perfectly green bananas for an elderly customer.

“They like the green bananas because otherwise, they ripen too quickly. They’ll call and want two apples, a loaf of bread; whatever they need, we will take care of them,” said Shawn.

There’s no online shopping at this store—only Shawn with a pen and paper, taking one call at a time. Shawn makes the deliveries in his own truck. Most of those deliveries take him to Hillray Retirement Center, where elderly customers can’t make it to the store independently. He’ll even put the milk away in their fridge.

“It’s very nice. It doesn’t matter the weather; he delivers and is very prompt. If one of our residents needs to make cookies or a special potluck dish, boom just call down, and he takes care of them,” said Gary Young with Hillray Retirement Center.

For more than two decades, Shawn has managed the only grocery store in this small town of about 2,800 people. In a town of this size, the grocery store is also a community hub. It’s here in the isles of coffee and cake mix, where Shawn watches families expand, kids grow up, and milestones marked by home-cooked meals.

“I love being in a small town, to be that close to the customers. I know a good majority of our customers by their first name,” said Shawn.

Shawn’s heart for serving others is what drives him to help out where ever he can. Over the years, he’s helped raise more than $100,000 for the Colfax Chamber of Commerce. Shawn is also active on the city planning commission and the local food bank.

“There is no greater gift than to help someone, even if it is just for five minutes,” said Shawn.

It’s this very perspective that also makes him a great boss. The kind of boss who will support you through cancer treatment, heart attacks, and other challenges. The type of boss who becomes a lifelong friend.

“He’s just a very thoughtful fellow and considerate of all employees-very unassuming. He’s much more than a boss. He took a real interest in people. He pitches in and helps in any department, whether it’s stocking shelves or mopping, really leads by example,” said Don Scheuerman, who recently retired from Rosauers.

Shawn is humble and isn’t one for the spotlight. He’d rather be shopping for a customer’s favorite flavored water or quietly covering the difference when a customer comes up short at the checkout. Shawn isn’t just managing a grocery store; he’s nourishing an entire community.

“I’m just a normal Joe, willing to be there when needed,” said Shawn.

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