Cars and Crew Cuts

Near the car deals and shiny Chevy Blazers, the buzz of vintage vinyl records sets the tone for a brand-new barbershop. Here, cars and custom haircuts go hand in hand. What once used to be the lunchroom at Chipman & Taylor Chevrolet is now a jump start for Jenn Siegrist.

"It's amazing. It's great. It's like my spirit is coming back," said Jenn.

In March, when COVID-19 forced businesses across the country to shut-down, Jenn Siegrist had to walk away from her job cutting hair at a local barbershop in Pullman. For more than seven months, Jenn did odd jobs, making money here and there to pay bills.

"I was scrappy, and I did what I have to do to get by. Unemployment, assembling IKEA furniture for a friend, a little bit of everything," said Jenn.

Then, a friend and client, Fran Amend, owner of Chipman & Taylor, came up with an idea.

"I said, 'We have a spot upstairs in the dealership. I could help you out, get on your feet,'" said Fran Amend.

At first, Jenn wasn't so sure of the idea. A barbershop in a car dealership? But soon after seeing the space, her wheels started turning. She had a dream and a clear vision for a classic car-inspired barbershop and knew it could work. However, the room needed new flooring and plumbing installed for a shampoo bowl.

"Fran's like, 'I'll take care of the plumbing and flooring.' I've never lived in a community like this; it's pretty epic," said Jenn.

Jenn painted, developed a logo and name, Jollies. Jenn found inspiration for her barbershop's name from that feeling of climbing into a vintage muscle car. The joy of those carefree days from the good old days.

"It's about that time in your life when you have money and not a lot of responsibility. A magical phase when you meet friends and going out for jollies," said Jenn.

Jollies is also about getting an excellent haircut. Jenn has been cutting hair for nearly 20 years. She uses classic straight razors, one dating back to 1904. It's these details and her personality that have created a loyal following.

"The straight razors really clean up the cut, and it lasts longer. She's a genuine, awesome individual," said Fran.

Without Fran's help, Jenn wouldn't have had the resources to open a barbershop and start cutting hair again. The shop opened earlier this week, and based on her appointments, Jenn is revving up for success.

"I think it's amazing, what he's done," said Jenn.

"We're just two local businesses in this weird time, trying to figure it all out. We are all in it together," said Fran.

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