Imbler, Oregon: The Grass Seed Capital of the world

Welcome to the tiny slice of heaven in the Grande Ronde Valley where the grass really is always greener. Imbler, Oregon, or as it is also known, “The Grass Seed Capital of the World”, is home to the highest quality of grass seed grown in the world along with just a few hundred people with big hearts and a strong sense of community.

Though it’s off the beaten path, those who live in Imbler love the simple life and the nature that surrounds them. The high quality of the grass seed produced here gives the community an opportunity to engage in worldwide marketing.

Which brings us back to that little grass seed. Having high quality grass seed is important for those who want flourishing grass and agriculture, and Northeast Oregon plays an integral role in serving the Grande Ronde, Powder, Baker, and Wallowa valleys. According to Oregon Trail Seeds, the agriculture in these areas is full of different forms of ranching and farming operations encompassing crops such as hay, wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, peppermint oil, turf grass seed, sugar beets, sunflower seed, chickpea, peas, and other specialty crops. It goes to show just how important agriculture is in this area and how necessary the grass seed Imbler produces is for the vitality of Oregon and more.

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