Local Artist Spotlight: Staggs & Staggs Sign Co.

Not long ago, we shared an article about Terrain, a year-round support system and incubator for local artists. As a follow-up, we’re sharing Alycia Stagg’s story, one of the many local artists empowered by Terrain’s mission.

Alycia Staggs began her artistic business journey in 2012 with jewelry. She specialized in recreating tin-type photos for necklaces and leather cuffs. After some trial and error, she honed her skills for working with metal and making signs.

Now, Staggs & Staggs Sign Co. uses digital and hand-crafted application techniques to create quality vintage-inspired signs that look like they have their own stories to tell. Salvaged metal is used whenever possible, but if new material is needed, Alycia sources it locally.

“We go out of our way to source materials locally,” Alycia explains. “Tremendous support comes from the local community, so we do our best to invest back into it.”

Her approach creates artwork that veers away from the mundane to embrace a classic aesthetic of simplicity.

In fact, Staggs & Staggs Sign Co. is one of only two local businesses with the licensing to create Gonzaga signs. And Alycia once found a seven-foot piece of reclaimed steel and thought it would be the perfect way to honor local business McGoldrick Lumber Co.

Another great example of collaboration for Staggs & Staggs Sign Co was a project completed for local business, Revival Tea.

“We created an entire suite of signs for Revival Tea when they opened a tasting room in what used to be a speakeasy in downtown Spokane,” said Alycia. “With their openness to creativity, a great concept, and a willingness to be bold, we were able to push our boundaries.”

Looking back on her journey, Alycia credits Terrain for much of her entrepreneurial success.

“Not only did Terrain provide a space for us to display our work and test it in front of an audience, they created vendor markets to get us face-to-face with our customers and community,” said Alycia. “And along with all of that comes a community of artists who support and inspire each other.”

Alycia believes that artists are the biggest cheerleaders for their communities. So, if you happen to have a creative side and you’ve been wondering if you should share your work, Alycia advises: “Take the risk. Put your work out there. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Besides, you can always reach out to Terrain for priceless advice on how to start your journey.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Avista Foundation has made grants totaling over $10 million across all five states in our service area and Terrain is one of them.

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