On the Oregon Trail: Jacksonville Woodlands

There aren’t many things better than the nature surrounding Oregon. Come along with us as we hike, bike, and walk through the Jacksonville Woodlands Trails. And given the past year, getting outside and breathing fresh air is more important than ever.

The Jacksonville Woodlands trail system, located in Jacksonville, is a great way to get those endorphins flowing. There are over 16 miles of trails in the Woodlands, and with paths ranging from easy, to moderate, to hard, there is something for every person of any level.

Let’s start with the Sarah Zigler Interpretive Trail (0.75 miles). This short but sweet self-guided nature trail is a great shady option on a hot day. It can also be used to access Jackson Forks Trail.

Next, we’ll look at the Petard Trail and Liz Trail Loop, both of which are around 1.5 miles long. Located just outside the city, you may still hear some street noise. We recommend this loop if you are looking for something slightly more challenging.

Next up, let’s try out the Rich Gulch Trail to Petard Ditch Loop. This 3.5-mile loop is another gorgeous trail in the Woodlands Trail system. This trail is great if you want something more shaded so you can soak in the flowers, trees, and nature surrounding you. Be on the lookout for the vintage car.

Another favorite is Beekman Loop. This 1.3-mile loop is great for all skill levels. It’s the perfect trail to take your friends, dogs, grandparents, or anyone who enjoys a nice stroll through nature.

But before you go, here is some information you need to know, provided by the Jacksonville Woodlands Association:

We would love to see YOUR adventures through the Jacksonville Woodlands Trails. Let us know if you visit and enjoy any of these gorgeous trails.


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