Foundry Village, AllCare Community Foundation Project

It can be hard for those experiencing homelessness to find jobs, housing, or the support needed to succeed. AllCare Community Foundation, previously known as Mid-Rogue Foundation has seen this need and created Foundry Village, located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Foundry Village will be a place where those experiencing homelessness can successfully start a journey to independent living and being a part of a community. It will be a collection of 17 tiny homes, plus a community building. The community building will provide spaces for case management offices, a meeting space, kitchen, showers and bathrooms. This will be a secure gated community that gives people safety and security. They will be able to live in a sheltered environment where they can feel safe and cared for and get the resources they need to succeed.

COVID-19 has made it more challenging at times to support those who are experiencing homelessness. Given the risk many homeless people have with contracting the virus—and the healthcare system that, in many places, are already at capacity (or have been throughout the past year)—it’s important to provide support and help in order to create a more equal and just world.

Currently, Grants Pass and Josephine County don’t have any transitional facilities. There is one other overnight facility, but it doesn’t have the client services that is so instrumental in helping people succeed. Foundry Village is inspired by Hope Village in Medford, OR, which has a similar model that provides guidance and shelter.

The main goals for Foundry Village are to provide shelter to those without shelter, to offer counseling/experience in community living skills, and providing links to job assistance, skills development, and assistance in housing search and other alternatives. These goals will be achieved through the Foundry Village, and hopefully many more facilities to come that will benefit people experiencing homelessness.

Avista is proud to support AllCare Community Foundation and grateful for their work to make a difference in the world and in our communities.

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Foundry Village


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