Local Treasures with Pia: Uniontown

Uniontown, Washington – How much sausage does it take to feed the more than 1,000 guests at Uniontown’s all you can eat springtime sausage feed? About 1,500 pounds and it’s made by volunteers right there in historic Uniontown.

Uniontown is located a short jaunt south on Highway 195 from Pullman, and the city’s website says residents “have a reputation for being involved, strong minded, not afraid to try new things and willing to volunteer for community projects.”

I believe that. I was at the sausage feed in 2020 and I can’t wait to go back in 2022.

Uniontown is perhaps best known as the home of the Dahmen Barn. Built in 1935, the solid and stately barn was home to a commercial dairy until 1953. It is surrounded by a fence made of wheels and gears from every kind of farm and steam equipment imaginable. The fence was built by Steve Dahmen who bought the barn in 1953, together with his wife Junette.

In 2004, the Dahmens donated the barn to the Uniontown Development Association which set to work cleaning out and restoring the barn so it could be used as a center for Palouse-area artists. The beautifully restored barn opened to the public on Oct. 1, 2006 and has since been known as Artisans at the Dahmen Barn.

You will find anything from ceramics, paintings, jewelry, drawings and quilts to hand-tooled leather goods in the shop. Community concerts, yoga and art classes are also held on an ongoing basis. Check the Barn’s website at artisandbarn.org for the latest schedule of exhibits and events.

Now back to the sausage feed. It’s been held for more than 65 years and it’s always on the first Sunday of March. It packs the community center to the rafters, and it is volunteers who prep and serve every single link of sausage, scoop of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut at the long tables. All proceeds benefit the community center where the feed is held.

Uniontown is also home to Wawawai Canyon Winery’s tasting room (202 S. Montgomery). Wawawai Canyon grows its grapes in a sustainable fashion on the steep slopes of the Snake River nearby. Winemaker Ben Moffett planted the first vines here in 1994 and Wawawai became the first commercial winery in Whitman County since prohibition.

Jacobs Bakery and Restaurant – along with a couple of interesting antique stores – make this great little town a perfect road trip destination.

As Washington is reopening after the COVID shutdown it’s a good idea to check opening hours and services ahead of time.

Photo credit: Artisans at the Dahmen Barn

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