On the Oregon Trail: Malin

If ever you find yourself traveling through Southern Oregon, take a moment to explore Malin. This town, located on the border of Oregon and California, is known as a farming community and offers plenty of beautiful outdoor scenery to enjoy. It also offers the opportunity to see a mastodon tusk and learn about Czechoslovakian culture all in the same day. It may seem like an odd combination, but the historical society offers both experiences when you visit the Malin Museum.

Originally a bank, and now known as the Malin Drug Store Building, the museum was constructed in 1919 of local basalt rock. And though it is small, it is a local landmark. The historical society purchased the building in 2006. Inside you’ll find displays of Czech cultural artifacts owing to the Czechoslovakians homesteaders who arrived in Malin beginning in 1866. More families soon arrived bringing additional traditional artifacts with them. You’ll also find natural history, Native American and other area historical artifacts - including that mastodon tusk – inside.

Museum tours are available by contacting the neighboring hardware store.

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