Competitive business intelligence tool helps drive growth

Identifying new market segments. Analyzing employee wages to inform hiring practices in a competitive job market. Searching for an alternative supply chain closer to home. Exploring the market potential for a new business.

Having this type of competitive business data at their fingertips is helping to drive growth for North Idaho businesses and economic development professionals. They are using SizeUp Inland NW, a powerful tool that provides market research and business intelligence that is industry-specific and hyperlocal. And the best part? It’s FREE!

“For me, SizeUp is a complete, nice, easy, gentle way to walk through key business decisions with my clients,” explained Gina Taruscio, Executive Director of The Partnership for Economic Prosperity (PEP) in Moscow, Idaho. “It’s a powerful tool with real data that informs all levels of business planning and development.”

Taruscio introduced SizeUp to Anatek Labs, an environmental analytical testing laboratory based in Moscow. At the time, Anatek Labs was exploring advertising strategies to increase sales.

“We looked at market segments with the tool and got a really clear indication that the region south of Moscow and into southern Idaho was underserved,” Taruscio said. “They were able to focus their online marketing closer to home and are seeing an expansion in a side of their business they’d not ordinarily not have thought of – new and emerging markets.“

In North Idaho’s Silver Valley, Colleen Rosson uses SizeUp Inland NW to support the “Mom and Pop” businesses that make up the majority of the clients in the Economic Development Council area she oversees.

“We compete with Coeur d’Alene for employees and customers,” Rosson said. “SizeUp is an easy, free tool that gives great indicators for wages and benefits as well as where to advertise and find your buyers. I’ve also used SizeUp to find alternative, local supply chains.”

SizeUp is a powerful FREE tool that enables small and medium-sized businesses across 27 counties in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Southern Oregon to access market research and business intelligence that is industry-specific and hyperlocal. This information can help business owners make data-driven decisions as they recover from the impact of the pandemic, build resilience and thrive. SizeUp Inland NW and SizeUp Southern Oregon are powered by Avista.

Businesses can use SizeUp to:

SizeUp uses big data, cloud computing and computer algorithms to deliver custom analysis for local businesses. The data comes from hundreds of public and proprietary data sources covering geographic, demographic, firmographic, labor, wage, cost, consumer spending and transportation, and is updated regularly.

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