New Post Falls Landing Park Opens

Outdoor recreation opportunities in North Idaho are expanding this year with the completion of the new Post Falls Landing.

Constructed in 2021 along the Spokane River across from Avista’s Post Falls North Channel Dam, Post Falls Landing is a joint effort between the City of Post Falls and Avista to provide public recreation and to support the continued maintenance and operation of the dam.

Post Falls Landing includes a multi-functional outdoor space, gathering plaza, amphitheater, benches, water fountain and additional park amenities. The park provides an exciting new venue for concerts and entertainment and connects to Avista’s Falls Park, managed by the City of Post Falls.

Due to continued safety concerns about water recreation in restricted areas around the dam, Post Falls Landing does not include access to the Spokane River.

“We want people to recreate on the river in places that are safe,” explained Todd Kiesbuy, Avista’s North Idaho Regional Business Manager. “Historically, Avista has made a concerted effort to provide safe river access through the development of Q’emlin Park, Trailer Wave Park and the Boat Launch. Our Falls Park and the new Post Falls Landing provide safe vantage points for people to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.”

Starting with a conceptual park design in 2018, Avista and the City of Post Falls worked together to finalize a design and began construction on the park in early 2021.

Avista incorporated a crane pad and barge landing into the design of the park to more efficiently and flexibly facilitate maintenance and operations work on the dam. The Post Falls dam features six turbine-generating units operating in the powerhouse and includes facilities which span the river and connect two islands, limiting maintenance access, especially at the North Channel control gates. When the gates are open, water can rush through the spillways at a rate of 3,000 to 4,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) which is why Avista has safety signage and sirens to warn people away from the potential dangers of the water and rocks in and around the Post Falls dam.

The City of Post Falls will manage and operate Post Falls Landing, in coordination with Avista.

The project aligns with Avista’s commitment to enhance community vitality, deliver more value to customers, and provide safe and reliable infrastructure to achieve optimum life-cycle performance of Avista’s hydro-electric assets at the Post Falls dam.

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