Kids in Loon Lake and Valley, WA school districts are riding on new electric school buses

The first electric school buses have arrived in Avista’s Washington service territory.

VL Transport, who serves Loon Lake and Valley school districts, recently received a grant for two electric school busses and $75,000 in funding for charging infrastructure.

“We are honored to be the recipient of these electric buses and charging equipment,” said Annette Wisener, Transportation Supervisor, Valley School District VL Transport Center. “Avista really helped us identify where we could see operational cost savings, while also helping us identify which routes would safely and reliably transport our kids using an electric bus. This is a turning point toward a clean energy solution for our bus transportation,” she said.

Avista’s electric fleet analysis team identified the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Electric School Bus grant program as a good fit for VL Transport providing:

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Between now and 2026, $5 billion of federal funding will provide U.S. schools with incentives to purchase clean school buses. School districts and third-party bus providers interested in learning more about available grants are encouraged to contact us at

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