Get ready to embark on a journey through Spokane's energy history

Avista invites you to discover the rich history and innovative energy solutions that have shaped Spokane's landscape with a new self-guided virtual water power walking tour. Accessible via your Android or iPhone, this self-guided tour, located in and around Spokane’s Riverfront Park, invites everyone to explore seven key destinations along the scenic Spokane River. Each of the easy-to-access locations in downtown Spokane highlight Avista's pivotal role in powering the city since 1889.

Designed to bring communities closer to the river and celebrate the legacy of renewable energy and environmental stewardship, Avista’s Virtual Water Power Tour aims to make learning accessible and engaging for all. With no appointments necessary, individuals can embark on this educational journey at their convenience, gaining insights into Avista's longstanding partnership with the City of Spokane and our commitment to sustainable practices.

What can the public expect from this immersive experience? Through a series of interpretive signs and QR codes that lead to an engaging platform, visitors can delve into the history of water power in downtown Spokane, exploring the picturesque park settings while uncovering fascinating historical images and Expo memories. This interactive walking tour not only educates about the past but also sheds light on Avista's ongoing efforts to harness the power of the Spokane River to illuminate homes and businesses, fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for the community.

As we celebrate the 50th Celebration of Expo 74, and embrace the spirit of innovation and progress, Avista’s Virtual Water Power Tour stands as another reminder of the enduring power of partnership. Please join us on this journey to learn, appreciate, and be inspired by the transformative impact of water power on our region’s growth and development.

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