Brick building with a sign that says Johnson's Gems Center of the Universe Collectibles Jewelry Gems Minerals

Shining light in the Silver Valley

The Johnson family is bringing modern-day treasure hunting to life in historic Wallace, Idaho.

Two photos side-by-side: the left photo is of Island Style chef/owner and an employee holding up a poster with a printed article from the Spokesman Review article, the right photo is the chef/owner of Island Style standing inside the restaurant and holding a plate of food

Lighting the way at Island Style Food

Island Style Food utilized Avista's Small Business Direct-Install Lighting Program to upgrade lighting throughout the 2,000-square-foot building and its parking lot

Two women stand in the Ritters greenhouse in Spokane, WA

Avista’s Small Business Lighting Program is in Full Bloom at Ritters Nursery

Ritters utilized Avista’s Small Business Direct-Install Lighting Program to upgrade all the lighting throughout its three-acre property.