At Home with Lisa

Water Heater with the panel removed to adjust the thermostat. Toolbox sitting on the ground next to it.

At Home with Lisa: Water Heater

Checking the temperature on Lisa's water heater

Cup of tea in front of window with autumn view

At Home with Lisa: Heating with Baseboards

It’s starting to get a lot cooler outside. This means that very soon, I’m going to have to start turning on my baseboard heater

Burnt orange fall leaves

At Home with Lisa: Fall Round Up

Lisa reviews some of her favorite home-improvement projects

Rope caulk by older window

At Home with Lisa: Rope Caulk

Rope caulk is an easy fix for gaps around doors and windows that you want to keep closed during cold winter months

Supplies for an emergency

At Home with Lisa: Emergency Preparedness

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Vacuuming dust and cat hair off the coils of a refrigerator

At Home with Lisa Refrigerator Tips

Lisa cleans her refrigerator coils