Energy Saving

Closeup of woman holding a laundry basket, putting clothes into a clotheswasher

At Home with Lisa: Do chores in the evening to help your home stay cool

The warm weather should be on its way. When it arrives, do your chores at night.

A box fan sits in the corner of a room

At Home with Lisa: Use fans before turning on your AC

Fans can keep you cool while not using a lot of energy.

Father and son grilling burgers and kabobs during a barbecue party in their yard

Beat the heat

Start planning now to save energy and stay cool this summer.

Range hood in soapy water being cleaned

At Home with Lisa: Save energy with a clean range hood filter

Lisa cleans her range hood filters using hot water and dishwashing detergent.

Two photos side by side - Left photo is a water heater, the right photo is the same water heater with a blanket wrapped around it

At Home with Lisa: Help your water heater use less energy

Lisa learns the benefits of a water heater blanket.

Closeup of the crevice tool on a vacuum cleaning the dust and cat hair underneath a fridge

At Home with Lisa: Keep your refrigerator running efficiently

Lisa rethinks storing items on top of her refrigerator.