Heating Season

Woman adjusting home thermostat, she is wearing a sweater and there is snow visible through the window

Lisa Explains: Winter bills are always higher

Lisa explains why her bill goes up when it’s cold outside, and why heaters run more even when she doesn’t change the temperature.

Bright winter sun shines through a single tree with frosty grass

Cold weather is on the way

Stay safe, be ready

Autumn leaves through a window

At Home with Lisa: Window Plastic

Lisa prepares her house for winter with window plastic

Child looking outside on a snowy day with older sibling playing outside

Seal air drafts and practice zone heating this winter

How cold weather impacts your energy bill

Father and child on a walk through park in autumn

Energy saving tips for fall

Sweatshirt season is here

Four men sitting on a couch watching football on the tv and cheering

Go team! Heating season is here

Your home is filled with all-star players responsible for meeting your comfort and energy efficiency needs