Natural Gas

Examples of artwork one can see at The Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour - On the left is an illustrated landscape and on the right is illustrated birds with nature

Local Treasures with Pia: The Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour

Fall is the season for arts and crafts fairs and there are plenty to choose from in the greater Spokane-area.

Man and woman smiling for the camera with two dogs sitting at their feet

Paws for Vets

Paws 4 Vets started in 2020. The 8-week training program is part dog behavior-boot-camp and counseling for veterans

Two photos side by side - the left photo is two ospreys in a nest, the right photo is an osprey tangled up in twine that was rescued

Operation osprey

Tangled in twine and dangling out of its nest near the Spokane River, a baby osprey panicked as a team of Avista crews gingerly rescued the injured bird from a nest atop a power pole

Residents at an assisted living home petting a horse

Horses and hope

Through the parking lot of Fairview Assisted Living in Spokane, the calming cadence of a horse’s trot echoes off the building and into the hearts of the residents

Emergency prepardness supplies including lashlight, backpack, batteries, water bottles, first aid kit, lantern, radio, can opener

At Home with Lisa: Emergency Prepardness

Lisa checks her emergency kit to make sure nothing should be replaced

View of someone's back as they play a piano on the sidewalk. A second colorful piano is off the right next to a building

Local Treasures with Pia: Sing a song in Sandpoint

There are a lot of people who work behind the scenes to produce a number one hit. Meet some of them at this intimate Sandpoint event.