Osprey captured on live webcam

There’s nothing like watching a majestic osprey as it gazes down from its high nest. Local osprey in Sandpoint Idaho typically arrive in early spring and lay their eggs shortly thereafter. With a live camera feed from one of their nests, we’re able to watch the whole thing unfold from the comfort of our homes.

In 2011, the City of Sandpoint replaced the Memorial Field’s old light poles with new ones. Two of the old light poles had osprey nests built right atop the lights themselves. When they removed the poles, the city, with Avista’s help, built new nesting platforms in the park. The idea of the web cam was born shortly thereafter, with a goal of educating the public about the raptors.

Avista has ongoing programs in raptor protection, which include public education and outreach, retrofitting our poles to support nesting raptors and adopting management practices that protect birds and other wildlife. These ongoing programs work to reduce harm to raptors, including hawks, ospreys and bald eagles, by minimizing nesting on transmission and distribution line structures, providing nesting platforms, taking remedial action in the event of bird injury, and training employees in raptor identification and protection.

Thanks to a partnership between Avista, the City of Sandpoint, Keokee Publishing and Northland Communications, the community can watch osprey settle in and make Sandpoint’s Memorial Field their home year after year.

If you're interested in seeing what local osprey in Sandpoint, Idaho are up to, view the osprey cam.

Watch osprey cam


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