Environmental Stewardship

Man stocking fish in a reservoir

Fishing is a bit like a game of chance

Wouldn't you rather play when you know the odds are good?

Close up of fish

Showing love for our rivers

Avista team members and the great partners you’ll read about are finding new ways to keep our rivers clean and healthy

Male inmate smiling holding small potted tree

How Bobby Weaver Found a Purpose in Life Through Gardening

Soon after he began serving time, he was hand-picked to nurture more than 2,500 trees in the jail nursery

Little girl smiling holding a small tree

How a 4-Year-Old's Love For Planting Trees Could Turn Into a Lifelong Passion For the Environment

She loves being outside, digging in the dirt, and searching for insects

Woman smiling

Finding Peace and Purpose Through Planting Trees & Being In Nature

When she is closest to Mother Nature, she feels right at home

Bull River

Bull River in Montana Regains Its Ecological Balance

The Bull River is the largest tributary to the Cabinet Gorge Reservoir and provides critical habitat bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout