That's a huge crane

Summer construction isn't limited to just streets and roads—there's also continual upgrades and work being done on and near your local dams.

We’re continually working to increase the safety and reliability of our electrical system, and putting your rate dollars to good use. Just one of our projects this summer is improving the Sediment Bypass System at the Nine Mile Dam, with some help from some very large equipment.

A Sediment Bypass System is a tunnel that diverts sediment laden water from the turbines in the Dam. This reduces wear and tear and prolongs the life of a turbine, which means they don't have to be replaced as often, saving all of us money in the long run.

This particular project includes replacement of an existing bridge, increased tunnel capacity, and installation of a new trash rake. All of this work requires some unique skills, and very large equipment. Crews relocated sediment in preparation for demolition and construction, enlisted the services of a diving team, and constructed a 400 ton crane.

With the sediment laden water diverted, we protect the turbines that provide electricity for our customers.

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