Award-winning transit fleet powered by CNG

A leader in the conversion of their fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG), Rogue Valley Transit District's (RVTD) won the 2017 Urban Community Transportation System-of-the-Year award from among more than 3,000 transit agencies nationwide.

The award — by the Community Transportation Association of America — is given to a system which provides service in an urban area of more than 50,000 residents. They must also provide innovative and creative
services in the community and be responsive to their customers’ needs.

Starting in 1994, the CNG fleet has grown to operating 23 buses and 23 paratransit buses powered by the clean-burning CNG, supplied by Avista.

CNG has many advantages over powering vehicles with gasoline or diesel. Its combustion results in fewer undesirable emissions — including 25 percent less carbon dioxide, is safer in the event of an accident and typically costs less.

Serving the communities of Medford, Ashland, White City, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville and Central Point, RVTD gives 1.3 million rides per year.

Avista has owned and operated CNG fueling facilities and has used CNG to power a portion of its utility fleet — consisting of more than 84 vehicles — since the 1980s.

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