Renewable Energy

Windmills in front of a cloudy blue sky at Palouse Wind

The main types of renewable energy

Avista offers a mix of renewable energy solutions to our customers

Windmills at Palouse Wind, green grass and a blue sky with clouds

Avista's View of Clean Energy

Jason Thackston, Avista senior vice president, on Avista's view of Clean Energy

Man with kid on shoulders. Kid is holding a kite and they are running through a field

Transition to clean, renewable energy today

Join Avista's My Clean Energy program

Man on electric scooter with cows in front of solar panels

Earth Day tips from Jorgen Rasmussen

Local farmer shares positives of solar energy

Rosalia Texaco Service Station

The Gateway to the Palouse

From hooves to electric vehicles

Cabinet Gorge dam

Part of this small town's appeal is its proximity to two very large attractions

Easily deceived by the small-town look and feel, most onlookers might miss the fact that it sits amongst two large hydroelectric facilities.