Powering downtown businesses

When work began on the underground power network that keeps so many downtown businesses and homes warm and bright today, messages were delivered by hand, rooms were illuminated by oil lamps, and horse-drawn buggies were just beginning to share downtown streets with automobiles.

Although much has changed since Washington Water Power initially constructed the subterranean network in the early 1900s, one thing has stood the test of time: The intention to provide reliable power to the businesses that help make Spokane a growing hub of the Inland Northwest.
Businesses requiring reliable power — telecom companies, law firms, anyone that relies on voice, electricity and data — are keenly interested in the supply, efficiency and cost of the power they’ll be using.

To continue these nearly century-old efforts, the longstanding, hidden infrastructure is continually updated to ensure that supply meets demand,
making it a vital component of area recruitment efforts.

Kiemle & Hagood, a commercial brokerage and property management firm with corporate offices in the heart of downtown Spokane, markets the dependable network to businesses considering the Spokane region.

“The downtown core really gives you better infrastructure than anywhere else in the country,” says Vice President, Director of Commercial Management Gordon W. Hester.

Power when you need it, now that's timeless peace of mind.

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