Water Heater with the panel removed to adjust the thermostat. Toolbox sitting on the ground next to it.

At Home with Lisa: Water Heater

Checking the temperature on Lisa's water heater

Cup of tea in front of window with autumn view

At Home with Lisa: Heating with Baseboards

It’s starting to get a lot cooler outside. This means that very soon, I’m going to have to start turning on my baseboard heater

Truck in front of a substation

Powering 5 decades of progress in Spokane

And the project that will power decades more

A different image on each side of the photo - on the left side, dryer balls sit on a dryer and on the right side, clothes are hanging on a dryer line outside

At Home with Lisa: Dryer Balls and Drying Rack

Dryers use considerably more energy than washing machines.

Three-wheeled vehicle called the Switch

Crater High School Switch Lab Project

Students at Crater High School in Central Point Oregon found a new and engaging class on their curriculum last year: