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Western Energy Imbalance Market Drives Value for Avista's Customers

Avista officially entered the Western Energy Imbalance Market on March 2, joining 16 other western utilities in the real-time wholesale energy trading market.

Closeup of the crevice tool on a vacuum cleaning the dust and cat hair underneath a fridge

At Home with Lisa: Keep your refrigerator running efficiently

Lisa rethinks storing items on top of her refrigerator.

Electric vehicle parked in the snow

Driving Electric

Family changes out their trusted Subaru for an electric car.

Electric vehicle charger

New Incentives Support Electric Vehicle Growth

Avista is again seeking to partner with businesses and communities to build out the electric vehicle charging network across eastern Washington

Ceiling fan with four light bulbs with a small shade on each

At Home with Lisa: Save time, energy, and money with LEDs

Lisa checks her light fixtures and makes sure the bulbs are LEDs

Variety of tulips growing in a garden

At Home with Lisa: Outdoor power tool safety

Lisa starts planning spring yard work and thinking about how to use electrical power tools safely.