Saving energy and helping kids

We can all think of that one moment during our youth when a teacher or a particular class inspired us in some way, shape, or form. Whether it was that light bulb moment when you finally understood that unsolvable math problem or the time you pushed through the pain and completed your first seven-minute mile in gym class. Those experiences are happening every day in Spokane Public Schools (SPS) and we have our educators and communities to thank.  

To further inspire and lead by example, SPS has partnered with Avista to lower their operating costs by reducing energy consumption. Thanks to their proactive effort not only are they reducing energy costs but they're also helping to save tax payers money.     

The district qualified for more than $510,000 in energy efficiency rebates from Avista in 2017, helping it reduce its annual energy needs by nearly 2,400,000 kilowatt-hours and about 10,700 therms. That’s expected to save around $188,000 a year in energy costs.  

Improvements over the past year include the completion of the new North Central Commons and the new Salk Middle School, part of the 2015 facilities improvement bond.  Also, a district-wide initiative to upgrade fluorescent lights to LEDs was completed at 46 schools, resulting in over 76,000 lamps being upgraded over the last year. In addition to energy savings, the LED lights have a longer life requiring less maintenance.   

Since 2005, SPS has completed over 300 different energy-efficiency projects, varying from installing high-efficiency appliances and lighting to upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. As a result, the district has received more than $3,000,000 in energy-efficiency rebates. Great job Spokane Public Schools!

Find more information about Avista's energy-efficiency programs and other energy management tools for commercial and industrial customers.

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