Jon Snow Checking Twitter and Arya Stark Watches The Voice

The characters of the world’s biggest TV show suffer in many ways. They fight an army of the undead, face a winter that could last a generation, and almost all of them have enemies who’d just love to end their lives.

As we watch the show, we can’t help but wonder how much the struggles of Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, and Jaime Lannister would be eased by the simple conveniences of electricity and running water.

Let’s say you’re Arya Stark. You’ve had a long and hard day of sword training. Maybe you’ve even crossed an enemy off your list. When you come home, wouldn’t it be great to put a frozen pizza in the oven, sit back, and watch The Voice?

Or what if you’re Samwell Tarly? He’s not only in a mad rush to learn about the White Walkers, he also must protect Gilly and the baby. Wouldn’t his studies be easier and more efficient with a desk lamp? And when he goes to bed, wouldn’t arming his security system help him sleep better?

Wouldn’t Cersei love to make her evil plans while listening to Ed Sheeran on Spotify? Wouldn’t Tyrion’s wine stay fresher if he stored it in a mini fridge? Wouldn’t Jon Snow benefit from a fully-charged smartphone to check Twitter for the latest Westeros happenings? And, for everyone gathered at Winterfell, wouldn't a flip of a switch to illuminate several spot lights have been helpful?

Maybe the characters would sign up for those comforts, but clearly, that’d kinda ruin everything. Part of GoT’s universal appeal is the fact that survival in their realm is hard. If the characters had electricity and modern technology, it would be a different show. And probably a lesser one.

Still, modern comforts make the night a little less dark, with considerably fewer terrors.

When not watching the latest episode, read our energy saving advice.

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