Cheer on Our Spokane Indians This Season

The Spokane Indians are back for another season of competition. After all the snow we had this winter, it seems even sweeter than usual.

The arrival of our local club means we are now able to spend relaxed summer evenings at the ballpark with a few thousand of our fellow fans.

We can hear the ball collide with the bat, see the outfielder retreat, and cheer when the ball flies over the wall.

Umpires can be booed, great defensive plays can be appreciated, and Y-M-C-A can be spelled out between innings.

We can chase foul balls that land nearby. We can call for the guy selling peanuts. Kids can hug one of several big furry mascots.

We can eat more than we should, because calories don’t count at the ballpark. We can and will devour ice cream, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, and so much more.

We can tense up with anticipation when a runner rounds 3rd, and voice our approval or disapproval when he’s called safe or out.

We can possibly drink adult beverages, but only if we’re over 21. For those under, don’t worry. Plenty of drinks for you too.

When it’s time for dessert (around the 7th or 8th inning), we can sample the stadium’s selection of ice cream, candy bars, licorice, cotton candy, and elephant ears. That’s right—at Avista Stadium, sugar is good for you.

If it sounds like we’re fans, it’s because we are. The game is beautiful and timeless. It’s necessary part of the Spokane summer experience, which will be gone before we know it.

So go forth, Indians fans. Buy t-shirts and jerseys. Smell the smells. Drink it in and savor it. We’ll be there right along with you.

A special thanks and acknowledgment goes to the Spokane Indians for the use of their photos in this story.

Hug a furry mascot and cheer on our Spokane Indians this season.

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