Person carries saplings in a wheelbarrow in their garden

Plant the right tree in the right place

Where you plant that special tree can make all the difference

Installing foam insulator behind a power outlet

At Home with Lisa: Drafty air leaks impact home comfort year-round

Adding a gasket to your outlets and light switches can help seal leaks.

Blinds covering a window in the kitchen

At Home with Lisa: Close curtains to stay cool this summer

Lisa stays cool during the hot weeks by closing the curtains and finding new ways to shade the inside of her home.

Left side photo shows the bottom of a door with tools in front of it - The right side of the photo shows the same door with a door sweep installed

At Home with Lisa: Keep the heat out with a door sweep

Lisa seals in some cool air by installing a door sweep.

Closeup of someone putting food in a microwave to reheat

It's hot outside

Give your air conditioner a break

Solar powered garden lamp surrounded by flowers in a garden

At Home with Lisa: Save energy outdoors with solar lights

Lisa enjoys the convenience of solar power in decorating her yard in the summer.