Winning at Hoopfest is all about using energy wisely

For all the talk we hear about calories, it can be easy to forget that they are simply a measurement of energy. We consume calories, and through the awesome miracle of the human body, they’re turned into fuel.

In order to win their bracket and get the coolest t-shirts, participants of the world’s largest 3-on-3 tournament need all the fuel they can get. The wise ones will have a nice store of proteins and carbs in their bodies at tip-off. Playing in Hoopfest, they’re gonna need ‘em.

The estimates of exactly how many calories burned while playing half court basketball hover around 600 per hour. If each game takes about a half hour to play, you’re looking at around 300 per match. If you play five or six contests over the weekend, you’re talking about 1500 to 1800 calories needed in addition of all the regular ones you need to walk, talk, and exist.

Since everyone has a limited supply of energy, and because performance degrades when fatigue sets in, players need to get the most out of their energy. In fact, it’s almost a game within the game.

Is your energy best used playing super tight defense and going for rebounds?

Or should your calories be spent taking shots and slashing to the hoop?

Should you go for the steal or save your burst of energy to try and block the shot?

Each squad will also have to determine which players (if any) will need regular breaks on the bench vs. those who can play the whole game.

Since it’s usually fairly warm for Hoopfest, that means even more energy will be needed to keep yourself cool. So please, drink lots of water. Maybe mix in some sports drinks.

Have fun. Be safe. Spend your energy wisely.

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