Avista Welcomes New CEO Dennis Vermillion

For the past 10 years, Dennis has served as senior vice president of Avista Corp. and president of Avista Utilities, working with Scott Morris, who recently retired as Avista Corp. President and CEO.

“I’ve worked closely alongside Scott to build our foundation,” Dennis explained. “In particular, he built a strong leadership team who have worked hard to position our company well for the future. I’m confident that Avista is prepared to meet the challenges ahead, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that we have the resources and leadership to make necessary enhancements along the way. This includes the decision to lead as it relates to clean energy.”

Avista recently announced two ambitious clean energy goals. The first is to have a carbon neutral supply of electricity by the end of 2027. The second is to supply customers with 100% clean electricity by the end of 2045. Avista is already on its way toward meeting these goals and is one of the cleanest utilities in the country. The company is well-positioned to continue making substantial progress without compromising affordability and reliability.

“Our vision, better energy for life, is an invitation to a special calling – one that states we will improve the lives of our customers, and will strive to raise the bar of excellence even higher,” Dennis smiled. “I look forward to discovering new ways to grow and learn and, with our stakeholders, to co-create the utility of the future with an innovative and pioneering vision.”

In addition to his role as president and CEO of Avista Corp., Dennis also holds the position of chairman of the board of directors for Avista Corp. subsidiary Alaska Electric Light and Power Company. He currently serves as a board member for Western Energy Institute (WEI), American Gas Association (AGA), Edison Electric

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