New rate discount program launched for seniors

Avista has launched a new rate discount program for income-eligible residential customers with disabilities and seniors (age 60+) who reside in Washington. The rate discount can be applied to either electric OR natural gas. Approximate rate discounts of 3¢ per kilowatt-hour of electricity OR 48¢ per therm of natural gas may be available, although total discount amounts are based on a customers’ annual usage.

The new program is administered by the designated Community Action Agency in each Washington County served by Avista.

“One of the exciting aspects of this new program is its broader reach to assist seniors and customers with a verified disability who have previously been ineligible for assistance due to slightly higher income levels,” explained Ana Matthews, Consumer Programs Manager. “This means we are now able to reach more of our Washington customers with bill assistance.”

Program eligibility is based on income. And, out of pocket, non-reimbursed medical expenses can be deducted from the income total. For example, a two-person senior household with monthly income over $2,115 and under $2,818 may receive an electric OR natural gas rate discount. Customers with a monthly income below the range may quality for other Avista assistance programs.

 Number in household
 Monthly income must be OVER
 Monthly income must be UNDER
 1  $1,562  $2,082
 2  $2,115  $2,818
 3  $2,667  $3,555
 4  $3,220  $4,292
 5  $3,772  $5,028

Avista customers who need extra support can learn about all their assistance options by calling their local community action agency

Learn more about assistance options.

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