Electric Contractors Putting Your Dollars To Work

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My name is Jason Phillips. I'm a general foreman for Potelco. We're a contractor for Avista, working on the third and final phase of the Blue Creek Coeur d'Alene. 115 line. It starts back by Wolf Lodge and works westbound right into the Coeur d'Alene Service Center. We're taking out all the old wood structures and old copper wire that were, some of them were originally installed in 1922, and we're replacing them with new steel structures and larger aluminum wire, about the size of a diameter of a Mountain Dew can. I have my crew behind me. They're leveling up a drilled pier structure. We're getting ready to set the structure, which crosses Lake Fernan. They will have a helicopter, and he's going to pull our new fiber optic across the lake to increase communication for Avista, as well.

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